To all the Selfie Takers, Self-help Makers, Hypin’-it Hipsters Just Tryin’ to Keep-it-real… How Does Your “Garden” G-r-o-w-W-?

For all the reading, conceiving, vying and trying — hopefully aspiring to — what on earth are we (really) doing here? Not being of the “Borg” persuasion, how much can we humans assimilate — process DATA — to reclaim our best lives and do tell our best-tested stories?

Now, to be (im)perfectly (un)clear, this is not a self-help piece, no going-down-the-rabbit hole-soul-searching, but… I feel “a song” coming on>>

Oh, relax, it’s no-thing — I wouldn't dream of disturbing your space, your peace, with this nonesucha, un-thinkable, nonsensical stream-of-consciousness rant (or rave)? But, why not express this emphatic trippy tip — an imp-pression of the state-of-my… of my ramblin’ p-rose? Is this (really) for public viewing, but it seems so-o-o (self) helpful, soulful (to me)…maybe, perchance…O what a nice piece it would make… so (P)interesting — gotta go punch-it-up… just couldn’t resist doin’ the thing.

Well, (if I must say it again) this appears to be pretty private, like an “internal memo,” writing a message on the black / whiteboard of my brain, chocked full of free-range, environmentally sound nourishing organic mind-bytes plucked with extra special care by very hard-working, caring ecologically conscientious inner care-takers of that~~ “fantasy Island”~~ never-never land / happily-ever-after place in the “Erewhon” of my mind. Tucked way away, yet unfolding like a wildly ALIVE Amazon rain forest-like environ-mental space where my inner self opens up to me like a wildflower… to do as I hap-happily please.

But I digress….

I live in NYC, the land of concrete jungles, jangled nerves, and a rumbling jumble of things — not much g\r/e\e/n here/ / \ /| | \ \\ / \ / /|| \ //| \\ \ and… oh Amazon… how could you have forsaken us…:( ~~~~~~~ ”Amazon Pulls Out Of HQ2 Deal With New York City (A lament?)~~~~ Whoops, I had a piece all planned here (somewhere) but due to (un)forseen circumstances / events (in and) out of my control, I have lost my way…. Perhaps I’ll “find” it, post-it post-haste, save for another day.

Well…welcome to my “hood.” Thanks for coming… I hope you like the atmosphere (here)… see you next time..:) Always more to s h a r e.

And YES, another drawing (of mine) is gracing this piece, regardless of the wretched “state” I’m presently in… (New York?!)

Note: the drawing is simply a representation of inner data, to be interpreted by the author/viewer. We all have our perspectives, mind you, so think of what’s best/ expected of you when you try to “read” it.




Stay safe, stay strong, Medium community. This is most DEF a rough patch we’re going thru!

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Fredric Schwartz

Fredric Schwartz

Stay safe, stay strong, Medium community. This is most DEF a rough patch we’re going thru!

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